Get more customers by telling the right story at the right time.

Compelling narratives that position you as the obvious choice to your prospects—across the full customer journey.

A story your customer will love—guaranteed.

Sto·ry Sys·tem
/stôrē sistəm/
  1. A seamless blend of positioning, brand strategy, and copywriting. With it, you tell a better story that converts customers into loyal advocates who are eager to talk about and share your product.

What it's like with a
Story System


  • You struggle to stand out from the competition.
  • Prospects don't understand your product’s value.
  • Inconsistent messaging across the funnel.
  • Only appeal to a small portion of your market.
  • You attract the wrong people into your product.
  • You start from scratch with every new campaign.


  • Effortlessly distinguished from the competition.
  • Customers understand your value immediately.
  • Marketing and sales tell a cohesive story.
  • A framework to communicate with every persona.
  • Your ideal customer personas fall right into your funnel.
  • You get an arsenal of marketing assets that work.
Customer acquisition & revenue growth
Growth Strategy
Positioning & messaging
Marketing operations & talent solutions

Why you need a story system

While most startups lean on AI and automations, the brands that resonate most tell authentic stories. Stories are the only thing left that’s uniquely human.

And story systems aren’t just a tool—they’re a vital strategy to carve out your space in the market. They make sure your voice is remembered.

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The story system that Bell Curve helped us with proved its value within a day of finishing it! We created the marketing collateral for an upcoming event within a matter of minutes instead of hours.
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Denia Ebersole
Cofounder & COO of Catch

A story system will...

Customer acquisition & revenue growth
Growth Strategy
Positioning & messaging
Marketing operations & talent solutions
Identify & Validate

You'll know exactly what makes your product unique and appealing.


Position you as the go-to product in your category to your audience.


Align your team on brand positioning, audience, value props and more.

A story system zooms in on your product’s core value, crafting a narrative that resonates with both customers and your team.

How it works



We sit down with your decision makers and customers to gain insight into how both parties think about your business.



We align your team around a captivating brand narrative and how to talk about yourselves both internally and externally.

STEP three


We take this narrative and mold it in a way that resonates with each target persona.

STEP four


Then we seamlessly integrate your story into outward-facing copy materials, like ads, hooks, landing pages and more.

What you walk away with

An extensive messaging framework that takes the best of positioning, brand, and copywriting to tell a story that sells.

Brand Value Props

We uncover and articulate your best 3-5 value props.

Persona Crafting

Detailed insights into your top buyers personas.

Positioning Audit

A focused discussion that aligns stakeholders on your market position.


Know exactly which value props are most attractive to each persona throughout the customer journey.

Testing Framework

A system that ensures your story resonates deeply with your audience.

Narrative Tools

An arsenal of hook ideas, ad copy, landing pages and more.
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Why work with us

We're experts

We've spent over a decade finely tuning brands’ positioning and messaging.

Know how

We have the know how to make brands stand out so they can win in their category.


Our approach isn’t based on fleeting trends.


We dive deep, capturing the core of what makes you unique and relaying that through a captivating story.

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