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Our Credibility

We are a renowned growth agency that now offers hands-on training.

We've grown a dozen companies from zero to millions in revenue. We've worked with Framer, Envoy, Streak, Clearbit, Service, Tovala, Perfect Keto, and many others.

We've written the most popular guide on growth, we give talks at Google and Y Combinator, and our work has been turned into case studies for ad channels — such as this one for Quora.

Anyone on your team — from junior hires needing an upgrade to senior marketers wanting a refresher — will learn effective, modern growth.

We grew the world's largest travel cashback app from its infancy — through 7 figures in profitable mobile ad spend.
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In a few weeks, we raised $500K in the US alone. Learn how Bell Curve approaches crowdfunding.
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We grew the largest keto brand in the world. And we multiplied Tovala's revenue through a granular Facebook + Instagram strategy.
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What We Offer


For growth marketers: Learn the advanced aspects of modern growth, and have your employer pay for it.
For senior marketing managers: Bring high-level growth expertise in-house. Quickly improve your marketing team.
Training structure
Training is done remotely.
Learn growth to a professional level.
Focus on the material relevant to the projects your company is already working on.
We work with you. Receive in-depth feedback from the Bell Curve team via Slack.
Training takes 1-3 hours a day (depending on your availability), and it lasts a month. It doesn't require much time outside of work hours, as we dual-purpose training projects to be what you're already working on.
We run small cohorts every couple months. They fill up quickly, so we recommend emailing us early to be at the top of the list by the time you're ready.
Scroll down to see what topics we teach you.
per employee
  • $3,500 per add'l employee
  • Training customized to your product
  • One-on-one reviews of your growth work
  • Chat with us via Slack
  • Apply early; cohorts fill up 6 weeks before they start.
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We've taught the best.

We give growth talks at Google and Y Combinator. Our growth writing is among the most-read online.

What You'll Learn

Even if you're familiar with the following material, we go deeper than you've previously been taught or have learned on the job. We've amassed advanced insights from working with 25+ high-growth companies.

Training is remote and project-based with live screenshares, check-ins, review, and feedback from senior Bell Curve team members. So you get deliberate feedback. And actually learn the nuts and bolts of growth.

1. Introduction

Orientation: Projects and office hours

  1. Real client stories and 2018 growth hacks

Orientation: Projects and office hours

  • You'll be using the product/company you're currently working on
  • Submit work to your teacher and get feedback through Dropbox Paper and InVision

Slack channel invite

Intro to the material

2. Growth Strategy

Growth strategy: prioritizing what to test

  • Choosing the right acquisition channels
  • Identifying the best audience
  • Understanding your value propositions
  • How to steal from competitors
  • Developing an effective onboarding experience
  • Project: Growth strategy for your company


  1. What funnel events to track
  2. Analytics events orientation
  3. Google Tag Manager Setup
  4. Manual setup
  5. Segment-based setup
  6. Template: Example site setup and code
  7. Project: Set up correct tracking for your site

3. Acquisition

Cold Email

  • How to find the right people
  • How to find emails
  • Harvesting competitor emails
  • Writing high-converting cold email copy
  • Sending cold emails
  • Templates: Our best-converting cold emails
  • Optional Project: Run a cold email campaign with our help


  1. Word-of-mouth virality: tactics
  2. Inherent virality: tactics
  3. Artificial virality: tactics
  4. Referral metrics
  5. Time-saving tools
  6. Project: Redo your referral program

Google Ads

  1. Search ads
  2. Search ad copy
  3. Shopping ads
  4. YouTube ads
  5. Account Setup
  6. Targeting hacks
  7. Ad Extensions
  8. Quality Score
  9. Optimization
  10. Project: Set up Google Ads

Direct sponsorship

  1. Determining your budget
  2. Traffic arbitrage: Finding undervalued resources
  3. Crafting sponsorship emails
  4. Negotiating deals
  5. Project: Run your Direct Sponsorship outreach


  1. Keyword research
  2. Content writing for conversion
  3. Idea sourcing
  4. Marketing content
  5. Project: Time-on-site and exit analysis

Social ad copy: How to write high-converting ads

  1. Brainstorming ideas by developing value props
  2. Writing ad copy
  3. Project: Write social ads with our help

Social ad creatives: Make high-converting ads

  1. Ad design guidelines
  2. Animated ads
  3. Screen recording ads
  4. Sketch design cheat sheet
  5. Complementing copy with the best creative
  6. Sketch Template: high-converting ad designs
  7. Project: Make better ad creatives with our help

Facebook and Instagram Ads

  1. Major components to an ad's success
  2. Generating audiences and ad sets
  3. Location, gender, age, and language targeting
  4. The ad units that convert best: use these
  5. Monitoring the right metrics
  6. Project: Set up your Facebook and Instagram ads with our help

Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization


  1. Apple Search Ads and App Store Optimization
  2. Apple Search Ads: Account Structure and Optimization


  1. Set up Apple Search Ads

Additional Resources

  1. Avoiding ad metric confusion (20 min)

Additional ad channels

  1. Project: Pinterest ads
  2. Project: Quora ads
  3. Project: LinkedIn ads
  4. Project: Twitter ads

4. Conversion

Landing page copy

  • Headers and sub-headers
  • Features and objections
  • CTA's and social proof
  • Template: Our highest-converting landing pages
  • Project: Rewrite your landing page with our help

Landing page design

  1. Design elements that convert well
  2. Client examples: Before/after
  3. Templates: Well-designed landing pages
  4. Where to find relatively inexpensive, quality designers

A/B testing

  1. Creating worthwhile A/B variations for your landing page
  2. Template: A/B proposal

Building a landing page

  1. Time-saving tools: Build beautiful pages without coding
  2. Project: Build and A/B test your newly written and designed landing page with our help

Conversion rate optimization

  1. Surveys
  2. How to assess Google Analytics
  3. Heatmap analyses
  4. Template: Example Survey
  5. Template: Example Survey Email Outreach
  6. Project: Improve your site conversion

Inquire and Apply

Reach out early — cohorts fill up 6 weeks before they start.
Julian or Asher will schedule a call within 1 business day.
Received! We'll respond within one business day. Check out our Growth Guide in the meantime.
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What will I be capable of doing after the training?

  • Finding new ways to get customers for your business.
  • Intelligently validating startup ideas.
  • Finding the email addresses of your ideal customer.
  • Writing cold emails that compel people to respond.
  • Writing content that gets you customers, not just readers.
  • Making ads that people click. For the right reasons.
  • Sourcing high-quality content writers.
  • Setting up referral programs that people actually use.
  • Writing, building, and testing modern landing pages.
  • Running ads on all the major channels, with real best practices from the industry.
  • Tracking everything your visitors do on your site.
  • Creating a high-converting onboarding experience.

How personalized is the training to my company?

Extremely personalized. You’ll be brainstorming with a Bell Curve team member from day one. We'll pull from our experience to explain the best strategies for your company.  

Our Acquisition Module is flexibly built in a way that lets you test your most important experiments first. Even while other students are working on different projects. We don't batch you with others.

And you get personalized feedback on your work — whenever you need it.

I'm a founder/senior marketing hire: when should I take this training versus hire an agency?

The major factor here is your time. If you can't spend 2-4 hours a day on the course, you have a couple options:

Option 1 — Use an agency: if you use an agency, a lot of that knowledge doesn't stay in-house. So you lose that knowledge if the engagement ends. It's extremely hard for an agency to get an intimate understanding of your product the same way you (or someone else at your company) would. 

Also, most agencies tend to focus on only one or two channels, instead of testing all channels that might work for your business. This is important if you don't yet have product-market fit. 

For example, we don't know many other agencies that cover cold emailing, email newsletter sponsorship, and custom referral programs. Most agencies stick to Facebook Ads or Google Ads.

Our approach is to validate every acquisition channel you can until you find one that works. (If you're at that stage.)

If you already have a scalable way to acquire customers, then agencies are a safer bet.

Option 2 — Hire someone else (or get an intern) to take the course: this keeps your knowledge in-house, but scales well, since you won't have to train your new hire. It's also more affordable; you'd have to spend $20-50K more per year on a senior growth hire.

Who on my team should go through the program?

Our program is a fit for anyone who needs to learn the step-by-step tools to acquire new customers: primarily junior marketing hires, founders, and senior marketers who come from a different area of expertise.

How is this worth the price?

We've grown many bootstrapped and venture-funded companies to millions in revenue. We teach you insights that aren't the self-evident, low-hanging fruit you can Google for.

Plus, your newfound skills transfer to any growth job you take in the future, which means you can command a higher salary and can be choosier about the companies you work with.

If you use what you learn from our training to profitably acquire more users on ad channels, you'll quickly recover our cost.

How is this better than other growth courses?

Three main ways:

1. Other programs are geared towards folks in a more senior/strategic role; they cover things like user psychology theory, how to hire and scale up growth teams, and how to build growth models and forecasting. 

Our course is more tactical and teaches you how to acquire customers step-by-step. 

For example, we teach you how to set up Facebook ads based on what we're seeing convert well for our current clients, how to scrape ideal email addresses from unintuitive sources, how to send emails with the right questions to affordably sponsor email newsletters, etc. 

Other courses don't do that.

The first week of our course covers strategy, which we use to prioritize the tactics we end up teaching each student, depending on their business. So every student ends up with a different curriculum. The idea is that you don't waste time learning unnecessary channels that won't grow your specific situation.

2. Other programs bring in experts from a sampling of large companies that have already grown.

We pull from live data on what works for our current clients, and we're basing it on startups that are currently growing in similar ways at your stage. Our expertise is more relevant and applicable than what you'd hear from one expert at a different type of business in a different stage.

3. Other programs are lecture-based, with a few worksheets/spreadsheets as exercises. 

We're primarily hands-on projects, with real Bell Curve members screensharing and giving you deliberate feedback on the copy you write, the way you set up your ad channel, the landing page designs you make, etc. 

It's more of an employee onboarding/bootcamp experience than a continuing ed program. Plus, it's tailored to each student.

Growth has many aspects. What's the focus of the training?

Customer acquisition and purchase conversion. (We do not focus on customer retention — though we make sure the curriculum keeps retention in mind.) 

Whether it's ecommerce, B2C, B2B, mobile apps, or Chrome extensions, we walk you through how to crack the most difficult aspect of growth: profitably acquiring customers and getting them to purchase.

We walk you step-by-step through completing the following campaigns the same way we do them for our clients:

  • Running ads on all major channels, with an emphasis on Instagram, Facebook, Google Ads, and SEO.
  • Plus, cold emailing (for B2B), sponsorships, and referrals.
  • Then we walk you through the best-performing landing page structure and copy for your specific business.
  • Then you learn how to A/B test your new pages to achieve even better performance over time.

Can I get a sample of the material?

Read our introductory growth guide (by Bell Curve Partner Julian Shapiro) to get a feel for the content our training covers.

We cover many more topics than that guide does. We also go much more in-depth, provide a dozen sample projects to get your hands dirty with, and critically provide you with hands-on feedback from our team.

How long does the training last?

One month.

Since the course is meant to fit into your work schedule, you can log into our curriculum and pick up where you left off — whenever you'd like.

Teachers are available to answer questions and review your assignments between 10 AM to 12 PM and 1 PM to 4PM, Monday through Friday. (All times Pacific.)

I have more questions.

Please use the Apply form to contact us. A Bell Curve partner will schedule a call with you. We'd love to chat!

I'm in a different time zone than the United States — can I still take the course?

Yes, as long as you can overlap with at least two hours of course time during the day. Use the Apply form to reach out to us, and we'll chat with you about making your schedule work.

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The breadth of their knowledge is incredible. When I wrote the growth book, Traction, I hoped someone would build a professional course like this.
Justin Mares
Founder, Perfect Keto
The Bell Curve team aren't really marketers as much as they are clever engineers who've learned to systematically hack growth. We're impressed.
Ti Zhao
CEO, Kip
They have deep knowledge on every aspect of customer acquisition. They're aggressively experimenting and sharing insights with us.
Lauren Funk
VP of Marketing, Tovala
This is the team you want to learn growth from. They know every channel and every tactic. And they know how to scale efficiently.
Elie Schoppik
Founder, Rithm School

Inquire and Apply

Reach out early — cohorts fill up 6 weeks before they start.
Julian or Asher will schedule a call within 1 business day.
Received! We'll respond within one business day. Check out our Growth Guide in the meantime.
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Asher King-Abramson

App Academy Senior Instructor
Minerva Engineer

Asher is our head instructor and syllabus curator.

Before Bell Curve, he oversaw the curriculum at the #1 coding bootcamp in San Francisco.

He has helped thousands of engineers get placed into six-figure jobs.

Julian Shapiro

Webflow VP of Marketing
NameLayer Founder

Julian is responsible for the Facebook and Instagram modules.

Before Bell Curve, he launched Clearbit, Webflow, and Heap's growth campaigns — generating tens of millions in revenue.

Neal O'Grady

Contractors Engineer
Web design author (1, 2)

Neal is responsible for the Google Ads, SEO, and conversion attribution modules.

He has driven millions in revenue for Bell Curve clients.

Director of growth
Director of web
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